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www.occasiondujour.com has a zero tolerance policy towards spam. www.occasiondujour.com provides a software service that allows companies to deliver permission-based communications to their subscribers. www.occasiondujour.com prohibits the sending of unsolicited emails. Email should be considered unsolicited if the recipient has not given clear, explicit permission to receive messages from that sender. www.occasiondujour.com prohibits all clients from using purchased, shared, traded or appended lists. www.occasiondujour.com clients are required to comply with this policy. If www.occasiondujour.com discovers any client sending unsolicited emails, the company reserves the right to immediately terminate their use of our services. www.occasiondujour.com does not buy or sell mailing lists, nor does the organization endorse the use of purchased, rented or harvested mailing lists by our clients.Member Agreement:Since the founding of www.occasiondujour.com , the company has always maintained the strictest policy against unsolicited email and SMS messages. www.occasiondujour.com requires that all clients certify that they are sending messages to subscribers who have explicitly consented, through an opt-in, to receive messages from them.Mandatory Unsubscribe Instructions:All emails sent through www.occasiondujour.com must contain clear instructions for recipients so they can easily unsubscribe or modify their preferences. A link must be included in every email that allows recipients to opt-out from receiving emails. If a recipient unsubscribes from a list, www.occasiondujour.com requires clients to process this opt-out within 48 hours. Should a recipient have a particular unsubscribe request, such as an unsubscribe from more than one sender, the www.occasiondujour.com Abuse team can be contacted atabuse@occasiondujour.com.Reporting Spam:If you believe you have received unsolicited commercial email or SMS messages from a www.occasiondujour.com client, please forward the email toabuse@occasiondujour.com. Please include as much detail as possible. www.occasiondujour.com will investigate all complaints. Additionally, you may report the message to your email provider. You can also work with anti-spam groups. SpamCop provides an easy way to report unwanted messages. www.occasiondujour.com regularly collaborates with ISPs and anti-spam groups to address these issues.

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